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I thought the most awkward moment of my life happened years ago. I was wrong it was tonight and I literally just want to die in a hole

some days i feel like saving the whole wide world. fixing everything. making life good… other days i feel like designing some type of suit that will withstand some type of bomb that, when i emerge from the suit, in a post-nuclear fashion, i will no longer be surrounded by complete fucking sludge heads that live for almost no other reason than to drive me absolutely mad. and when that idea feels creepishly close to becoming a reality, i just pour myself some more tea and do nothing at all. i don’t think i’d ever be happy waking up and doing the same thing over and over. i don’t think i’m happy writing that sentence. how can anyone be comfortable slating absolutes over themselves like they’re the sheriff of they’re own pathetic cardboard town of a life. i guess i just feel that way because i am so completely without the propensity to stick by anything i decide that out of sheer and complete jealousy for anyone capable of such a feat i can only spew rhetorical hatred that carries about as much weight as the combined poundage of all my finger and toenail clippings. – Jacob Hoggard (via pirateprincekillianjones)

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